Breakfast: for dinner, Sweet Southwest Chipotle casserole version

have i told you, my dear readers, that i may be a 'little' {grossly} obsessed with casseroles?

i mean, tons of food, in one pan, in the oven. 
it has to be good if its baked. 
and thats a true story. 

another one of my favorite foods in breakfast. 
i could eat that junk any stinkin time of day.
mmm mmm mmmmm. breakfast.

so the second meal i made in our new apartment was {insert cap'n obvious here} breakfast!!
or as fiance calls it BRINNER
cause, you know BReakfast for dINNER
k. anyways. 

here is a little trick my dad taught me, bake bacon.
not kidding.
put down a piece of parchment paper, put the bacon on it, pop it in the over at 350 and bake it
absolutely NO mess, AND its so crispy and yummy. im positive it has changed my life!
no more standing over the stove to cook it, no more wasting time and worrying about burning the bacon, no more burning yourself. i cant believe i didnt learn this until i was 22.  geeze. 

warm up the hash browns in a skillet with a little evoo

toss them in the bowl, 

scramble up some eggs

season the hash browns with a little southwest chipotle 

i found mine at wal*mart. 

chop up some velveeta
(yes, this has become a staple in our kitchen lately) 

throw it on the hash browns

look at that. not even kidding, pull the bacon off, toss the paper in the garbage, no mess. 

chop up the bacon and layer it over the velveeta

pour a little maple syrup over the bacon
trust me on this
i know it sounds horrifying but its delicious 

add the eggs and cover the whole thing in cheese
(yes, we are cheese covering, cheese loving, freakfest over here)

set the table
(we lack a dinner table, so we improvise)
pour two glasses of cranberry juice, slice up and apple, and enjoy!!

oh yes we did, 
and that last bit.... i may have eaten it a few hours later....


  1. wow that looks good... bacon emmm. Thanks for the tip with the comment mentioning my brother, would of never realized that on my own.

  2. Egad! That looks incredibly delicious!


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