dear boys pt2

dear el dorko, 
you now have 4 teeth, and can say 'aleks tard'
im so proud of you!
xoxo auntie

dear (house) of boys,
it would be nice if a few of you got girlfriends, 
hanging out is pretty great and all, but, again, i 
can only take so many poop jokes.
xoxo otter

dear bubbie,
i cant believe you are potty trained practically, 
i swear it was just yesterday i was sitting on the stairs 
and your mama told me the big news!
xoxo auntie

dear boy upstairs, 
thank you for putting love in my heart, 
and for clean water. 
xoxo lamb

dear boy with my heart, 
320 days to go!!!
xoxo bird

also note: linky par-tay!

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  1. 320 days? That's exciting! That's less than a year. Though, I'm certain you already knew. :)


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