Elmo Cupcakes

prepare cake mix via box
make into 24 cupcakes 

while cupcakes are baking and cooling whip up red and orange frosting
make a small amount of orange as you are only using a tiny amount

prepare the eye balls 

i used wiltons candy melts and hershey chocolate chips

dab a small dot of frosting into the center of the backside ( the flat side) of a candy melt

stick on a chocolate chip, note if you use to much frosting it will ooze out under the chocolate chip

set them aside to dry 

 prep your piping bag with a coupler, and the 233 tip ( i used wilton)
and fill the bag with red frosting
tip 233 is the one you use for grass or hair
 now you are ready to make Elmo. 
Seriously it is SO easy. and take little time.
 cover the cupcake by 'dabbing' the frosting in a spiral pattern, 
work your way from the outter edges inwards
place the tip just above the cupcake
squeeze while lifting
keep doing that until you have covered the whole cupcake and it looks like its covered in red grass

 not all of the 'hairs' will look perfect, but thats alright bc Elmo doesnt brush his hair
 i prefer to frost all of my cupcakes and then go to the next step, like an assembly line

add a small dot of the orange frosting for a nose, 
i do this to all of them at the same time
then i add a small strip of red frosting to hold the eyes
this is totally optional though

now add the eyes
just stick them close together in the 'base' area
use a knife, or spoon to smooth out a small mouth shape right below the nose
fill it in with black gel coloring

if you have any questions feel free to ask. 
i tried to explain as much as possible. 


  1. Great job girl! I thought about you this weekend when I baked a cake...

    The thought was "Man i wish aleks lived closer because I really suck at this!!!!"

  2. These are genius. Mine would totally turn out disastrous. But yours look amazing!


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