keep your head up

i am so grateful for the friends i have met through blogging. 
it has been a rough couple of weeks 
and on the day i needed friends more than ever you guys/gals were there for me. 
i am so 
to have bloggy bffs. 
to have so many people i havent yet met physical 
to be there for me emotionally
its amazing. 
i thank you guys for all your amazing comments and sweet sweet emails
and facebook messages
how sweet the Lord is. 

on my way through blog stalking reading
i came across this post today. 
do you ever come across a post and you know God intended it for you?
whether or not the writer knew your struggles
God wrote it in their hearts for you to stumble upon?
its a beautiful post
and i totally needed to read it tonight. 

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Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his.