Mustache Game

step one. acquire mustaches
(i cut ours from felt, note the 'Kesha' stache {glittery black felt} and the 'Ginger' stache.... {orange felt})
step two. pick show, movie, channel, to watch
(music videos)
step three. tape stache to face and random spots on tv screen
step four. drink everytime a stache aligns with a face on the tv. 
{still awesome with non-alcoholic beverages.}
step five. laugh a whole lot

 of course im rockin the 'kesha' stache

sometimes you have to duct tape that thang on there

drinking wine will dye your ginger stach a rosy red color. my drink of choice, Woodchuck. Its Gluten Free!! how about that!!

my friends are seriously awesome! 
life is good. 

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