Upcycled end table

my aunt gave me this table when i first move out....a few years ago
and ive been telling myself im going to paint it
finally! i got around to doing it. 

and it was soooo easy. im ashamed it took me a few years. 
yes, i lugged this gold colored thing around for a few years. 
the worst part though, was i JUST found out this table comes apart.... so ive been freaking out everytime we move as to not have it crushed or broken, when i could have broken it down to three parts and packed it away. 
*face palm*
dont judge. 

here it is before, there is a glass top that set in it over that random flowery design 

and here it is after its painted 

a few coats of spray paint
and a little paint job from my craft room

what do you think?
should i have left it gold?
does it look weird now?
it looks smaller to me but until i get a new end table to hold my candy jar, A.C. remote and klenex box this will have to do .

thanks for stopping by!!


  1. I liked it gold but to be honest I love what you did even more. The white might have to be complimented by other whites in the room aka wallpaper colors, floor colors, blablabla.. Yet I think that you made the right decision (that gold is too old fashioned, even for someone like me to who likes to keep things the way they were). I especially enjoyed the painted yellow flowers decorating the top of the table. Adding your own personal style makes it that much better, and original. Overall I think you made the right decision.

  2. I am definitely going to try out that tea:) Thx for the tip. Hey since we are buddies, online friends whatever... I want you to know that I can take constructive criticism pretty well and if there is something on my blog that you think could be better then by all means let me know. Other then that just popped by to say goodnight and thx for the tea idea.


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