we have set up a photographer for some wintry, snowy engagement photos! they will be in january after it starts snow a little, but i am excited! so, naturally, i am over planning. 
i LOVE bunting! it will totally be making an appearance at the wedding! 
so i thought why not make something cute for the photos??

here it is! my LOVE bunting. 

cut 6 triangles from your fabric of choice
( i got a great deal on this burlap like fabric)

trace and cut your letters, keep the outlines, thats what you will need
put the nicely cut letters aside for a later project
i used freezer paper, its practically fool proof

iron on the letters, i just guesstamated where the center was
make sure you get the center of the O and E ironed down too

paint your letters
naturally i would let them dry overnight 
but i was antsy
so i used my hair dryer to dry the paint 

i sewed the corners together with yellow twine and then sewed a button in between each
you can use bias tape, or hem the tops and sew them together
this was easiest for me

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