pumpkin patch

yes, i do realize these are a bit late, 
but thats the story of my life.

the weather here has been CRAZY. 
seriously, CRAZY.

i dressed the kids in jeans, sneakers, and layered shirts, 
turns out it was 80 degrees that day. poor kids. they were so whiny and sweaty. and it was near impossible to find shade for them. ill never make that mistake again. 

the patch had a giant play area! it was only for children, but i still had fun.

snack time! it took 7 tries and i finally got a fairly decent photo of the kids

the pumpkin patch was HUGE! so many acres of pumpkins. and it was sooooo hot. 

the baby pumpkins the kiddies picked out

kettle corn is the bomb.

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  1. aw, precious photos :) i look forward to being inspired by your crafts though, too! eheh.

    btw, im at http://theymaysaythatimadreamer.blogspot.com if you wanna check me out! follow me if you like what you see..!



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