save the dates

only 266 days before the wedding!!
it seems like a long time but i know its going to be here before we know it!!
i cant wait to show y'all the save the dates we ordered!
but i have to wait until everyone gets them. 
i just spent the last 72 hours 
hand addressing
all the darn things
all thats left is taking them to the postal office monday!
i cant believe im actually getting married!
i love this man so much!!! hes so amazing!! 

120 envelopes waiting to become special packages

they are all addressed AND stuffed!!
thank you bottle of free wine!

our lovely save the dates ready for the post office!!

on a side note, you know it has been one heck of a week when you realize you wore your underpants inside out all day,
when you realize you have drank 7 mountain dews, 
when you realize you have spelled your name wrong on the last handfull of invitations, but you send them anyway

heres hope for a slower paced, and more relaxed next week. 
happy weekend y'all


  1. Woo!! One thing off the list!! Love it!

  2. Oh my, what a mountain of invitations! Feels good getting them done, doesn't it? :)


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