Hooded towels

for dolls

finally! christmas is over!
im positive i outdid myself. 
Homemade Christmas? What was i thinking?
it really was a great creative experience but towards the end i was getting irritated, and the more irritated i got the more the sewing machine hated me. 
my aunt brought over some towels, and told me about making hooded towels, 
for the girls dollies. 
awesome idea, 
if im being honest however, i was a little scared to make these, i didnt have any idea what the pattern looked like, and i was getting sick of details. 
but it turns out they are SUPER easy to make!
i mean, 
sew again
sew easy!

you will need a hand towel and a wash cloth
fold the was cloth in half length wise.
measure the length

cut in half 

keeping the half folded sew one of the open end shuts. you should have to open ends, one end sewn and one end which is the fold

now position the cloth onto the trim of the center of one of the long sides of the hand towel

sew together

buh bam!
all done. 
wrap your little girls dollie up and admire your handy work. 

*note, i will sooo be making these in a much much much larger size, ill keep you posted.

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  1. I love this! My daughter just got a baby doll for the bath and the towel it came with is a piece of junk! There is definitely one of these in my future!


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