Handmade Christmas: Baby doll outfits

My nieces got Baby Alives for Christmas.
come to think of it all the kids i know have them. my baby sister just got the one that eats the Popsicle. 
that doll freaks me out. 

my niece Emilie LOVES her dolls. she can dress them, bathe them, feed them, change them all day long. 
so made her and her sister doll clothes. 
i figured this would be hard, 
so easy!

we took the doll out of her box and used her for the week leading up to Christmas, then we snuck her back into her box. the girls never knew. 

ill put up a tutorial later in the week but here are few of the dresses with matching ruffle underpants. 
i just love these. 
not bad for my first time if i may toot my own horn. 

have you ever made doll clothes? do you have any advice? 
it turned out my niece ended up with 2 baby alives after all the family Christmases, which is good bc i didnt have time to finish all the outfits i had started. 

thanks for stopping by!! 

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