Handmade Christmas: Small Tote bags

My aunt and i are a super team at making bags. she picks out the color/pattern scheme and i get it to work. 
its awesome!
we made many bags this year for gifts. 
first pick out your fabric, or have your aunt do it :)

i didnt use a pattern for this, i just guessed what i thought looked nice. 

you will need 
2 squares 7in x 9in
2 rectangles 4 x 9
2 larger squares 10 x 9 
a pocket of whatever size you want and straps
we bought our straps but you can make your out of fabric if you choose.
cut 1 in corners out of the bottoms of the lining and the bottom of the outer bag pieces 
these will form square corners making more room in the bag. 

 i ironed a hem all around the pocket and pinned and sewed it to my inside fabric.
if you are going to add pockets to the outside pin and sew them now.
it is much easier to sew pockets when you are working with less fabric. 

iron seams along the top of the fabrics.

place lining pieces right sides together and sew 
i used THIS tutorial to sew my corners. 
its very helpful.

take the rectangles (bottom part) and line them up with the ends of the outside squares.

now you have the front half of your bag
do it to the other when finished pin the pieces right sides together and sew together to form the outer bag.

you should now have two bags. 
reverse the inside bag and insert it into the outer bag. 

place the straps in between the linning and the outer bag, line up the top seams and pin, 
do this with the other ends of the straps. 

keep the top seams lined up and and sew them into place 

make sure to seams are even where the straps are. 

now hand your bag over to your aunt and let her adorn it with bows or what have her!

what do you think?
be nice, this was my first bag tutorial! 
but the more we made them the easier it got, i hope this is helpful, email me if you have any question. 


  1. One day soon I'm going to try these :)

  2. Those look lovely! Love the different fabric bottom and that you included an inside pocket!


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