happy happy happy birthday!!

today is my favorite persons birthday!!
my grama!!!
what a saving grace this woman is!
we live over 2,000 miles apart and it breaks my heart every holiday i cant spend with her. 

my grama is an amazing woman. she raised up 5 children, and 20+ grandkids and great grandkids
(though i am totally her favorite)

my favorite memory with my Grama is when i was 12. i spent the whole summer at her house in Virginia. She took me to the Caverns and i got to experience my first lightning/thunderstorm. 
(bc it doesnt rain like that in socal)
when i arrived she had a camera in my room just for me to ue to take photos of my trip. and of course back then we only had disposable cameras! she lived on a mountain and i swear we walked 5 miles to get to the mail box. i played water baseball in her backyard and played with remote control cars. 
and i remember her pantry. 
it was ALWAYS filled with goodies!
i am pretty sure i ate twinkies 
every. single. day.

so heres to you Grama!!
i love you so much and i am so grateful God has blessed me and trusted me with such an AMAZING grandmother!!



  1. aww how lovely!
    Happy birthday to your Granma, hop she has a lovely day! :)
    nadiine @ freebird.

  2. What a sweet post! Happy Birthday to Gramma!


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