dont you know who you are?

i have been struggling alot with my faith. 
but you guys already knew that. 
this song by Tenth Ave. North really puts it all into perspective for me. 
it doesnt matter what ive done. 
it doesnt matter if i dont please other people with my life decisions. 
it only matters what Jesus thinks, and His love is strong enough. 

ive been watching these video journals from Mike Donehey, the lead singer, and this one really spoke to my heart today. 
i posted another one a week or so ago and was truly impressed at how many of you guys emailed me and said it affected you. 
and all i did was share it. 
God is good!


here is the song


  1. oh Alek these are amazing! You are such an awesome, inspiring lady!! I am so blessed and excited to have you in my bloggy/friend circle!! Look forward to getting to know you more and growing in faith with you! xoxo

  2. I love their music because a lot of their lyrics are written from God being the first person talking to you. Sometimes hearing truths in that way makes them easier to internalize for me. A friend of mine just told me about a 365 day devotional called Jesus Calling that is written this way too. I've been meaning to check it out :). Have a great day Aleks!


Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his.