Journal Swap

Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart.  ~William Wordsworth

Who likes to journal?
maybe you have an art journal? 
a personal journals?
one for prayers?
or maybe you are writing your memoirs?

i started journaling when i was a child. 
it was a mix of journaling and pack rat scrapbooking. i would save the weirdest things and tape them into my books. ( i was a weird child) none the less, i believe journaling to be a GREAT stress reliever. 
you dont even have to write why you are stressed, just doodle, or draw lines and dots until you are satisfied with yourself. 

I am starting a swap! wooh!
i got an overwhelming number of interests from our facebook group, thank you ladies. 
so nw i figure i will reach out to my readers. 

Who is interested in a journal swap?

We will each be partnered up. 
You will get their blog info and email so you can get to know them and their personalities. 
We will each make a journal and swap it with our partner. 

i understand that not everyone can craft on the same level. Heck I still have trouble with my glue gun...everyday....
You can buy a journal and make an awesome cover for it, 
or you can go as far as binding a journal yourself.

a journal is a vessel for the soul to speak without the mouth.

if you are interested leave your email in a comment. i will post another post with Journal tutorials. 
ladies in the facebook group, you do not need to re add your email, i already have you down!

I will partner everyone up sunday. 

thank you for checking out the blog today!!!!


  1. Cool idea! Wish I had time! Maybe the go around?

  2. I'm a new member of the fb group, but I am definitely interested:)

  3. Sign me up for sure! New follower and will definitely check out more when I'm not on my phone!

  4. This sounds like a great idea! Count me in!


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