Journaling through January

have you guys been to 

i am assuming everyone is saying yes. 

Laura is hosting a 'Journaling through January' series. Which couldnt have come at a better time im my opinion. I have been following along each day. She give us a prompt each day, and sometimes a verse. Its s great!

My favorite prompt so far was on the 7th, what are we grateful for. i was struggling with some very negative feelings and i just kept thinking, why? why am doing this to myself? the i read her prompt. 

as soon as i started writing down all the things i was grateful for my negative emotions just melted away. there is too much great stuff in my life to be so negative. God is so good. so so good. 

i hope you guys n gals check out her blog and i hope you decide to follow me, Laura and the many many other journalers. 

happy monday! 

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Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his.