Journaling through January.

Ive already blogged about this but i have required a few new readers since so i thought i would share again. 
Do you guys know Laura?
she blogs over at 

What an amazing woman of God she is. 
I am feel so blessed to have found her blog. She has a weekly post for prayer requests, and is heading the 
Along For the Ride

i started following along around the 3rd day i believe it was, though i went back and caught up with the ones i missed. Each day Laura gives a journal prompt. They have really helped me in not only opening my heart to my own thoughts that i usually keep hidden but the prompts have been helpful in directing me in prayer. 
One of the prompts was to write about your biggest regret, so of course i immediately thought, ha, i dont have any regrets! but i realized that was a lie. completely. the prompt that day helped me open up and share with God my one thing that eats at me almost everyday even if im actively thinking about it. I wont go into details but a few years ago i lied about something, and my life has been totally flipped around since. How great it felt to write and pray about this. i was lying to myself every time i said it was alright, but after writing about it and praying about it and asking for forgiveness (all because of this one little prompt) my heart felt so much lighter. im not even thinking about it today.. well aside from this post. my life is lighter, sort of speak. So i highly encourage each of you to read the prompts and consider journaling them. i swear it will change your whole day. 
I absolutely love the verses she share with some of the prompts too. 
Each week there is a 'weekly verse' 
and i am LOVING this weeks verse.

" all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight."

Proverbs 3:6

looking for a little extra prayer this week?

Along For the Ride


  1. What an adorable blog, I'm following!!

    Do you know where she does her blog design? It is TO DIE FOR!!

  2. Thank you so much for this post. I'm so glad you're following along!!


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