Thanks facebook!

sometimes facebook has its advantages
like right now, 
she directed me to Wonder Forest
who has a great blog, totally a new follower, 
while i was stalking reading her blog i came across The Curious Pug
another great blog! so bc of facebook i have 2 new great blogs to read! and thanks to Nichelle! 

also, if i had to choose between Reading minds or Being invisible......
id totally be invisible. There is no way i could manage being able to hear what everyone was saying. Talk about 'voices in your head', id go crazy. Imagine walking downt the street, youd hear people thinking about their affairs, thinking about how they had a crappy day, and then youd be able to hear the perverts, no thank you. Oh gosh, and what if you walked by a murderer?? !!!! 
yea, id totally choose to be invisible. Like Alycia says, you would never have to pay for a movie or concert ticket again. and you could scare the crap out of your friends. 

have no idea what i am talking about?? 
Check out 
and join her linky party


  1. I love Wonder Forest too! Dana really creates a lovely, magical atmosphere on there. I love finding new blogs to read and it's fun to see how blogs are connected with each other :)


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