fridays letters

dear fiance, i know i can be a huge brat when i dont get my way or when your plans squash my plans. please learn to deal with it i am working on it, until then i am sorry for my brattyness. 

dear body, i am sorry. you need a tune up and a perhaps i should treat you better, but you know i cant say no to peppers, cheese, anything fried and chocolate. maybe you should work out a little more, chubs. 

dear headache, go. away. 

dear weather app on my phone, YOU LIAR!! 90% chance of rain? there isnt a fiken %5 chance of rain, and i didnt do my hair or wear a cute outfit today because you said it was going to rain. boo on you. 

dear rye rye, sorry i was so mean today- but that stupid tooth of yours better come in soon because your crying makes me bonkers. 

dear wedding, i have come to the conclusion that i am ok if you plan yourself. i will leave you a budget and a color scheme, try not to blow the budget and we will be just fine. let me know when you are done. oh... and you only have 6 months. 

dear dora and diego, why??? 

dear apartment, bro. you look like a tornado of  toddlers with scissors has been here. clean yourself up before people start to think that smell in the downstairs hallway is coming from our unit. 

dear future husband, i know you read my blog. i dont tell you things bu you seem to know them even though i only told my readers. are you stalking me? also, sorry for the brattyness again, but im not making dinner, lets hope you are willing to order pizza, again. 



  1. My body and I need to find a balance too, our relationship is off, and I sit here eating chips as I write this. OY!

  2. I second that - dear headache letter! This one has been lingering all day.

  3. Haha. This was a really sweet post. I recently made a pledge to love my body more as well! :D <3

  4. ha-LARIOUS! I seriously just cracked up at all of these! I love it!

  5. Yeah, seriously Dora & Diego, stop torturing us!!


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