Coffee date

Happy friday!!
its seems virtual coffee dates are the 'thing'
not that im complaining
ill take my coffee any chance i get,
especially with friends!!

this week has been a flop.
i didnt get anything accomplished until last night, and all i did was rearrange my furniture. 

we still have so much to do on the Wedding Planning front. 
*find an officiant
*rent tables, chairs and hay bales
*order invitations
*order wedding bands

we are so far behind on all of this planning stuff. i am truly grateful to be blessed with such an amazing man. i just wish there was one day he didnt have to work and study for an exam. 

at least the parts of the wedding planning we do have done are super cute!! 

I am SO proud to announce i have guest bloggers for EVERY Wednesday leading up to July!!!
When this brain child of mine cam about i thought there was no way i could score that many amazing women bloggers to help me out! but you ladies are SO amazing!!

lets chat about the weather shall we???
all yall know im from Sunny Southern So Cal, 
so hot days and sunshine are what i live for, but when my {amazing} Grama calls and tells me its snowing there i can be nothing but SUPER grateful for this 80 degree weather i have in Indiana. 
snow you tell me?
in SoCal?
in March??
all the while we have blue skys and sunshine in Indiana?
i must be doing something right with the Lord. 
You'd think it was summer here. 

but of course as i type this its raining here now. whats better than coffee and a rainy day?
nothing i tell you. 

if we were having a date id tell how i am THRILLED to be celebrating my Pops birthday tonight with my family!
Hello TGIFridays. 
only fitting right? bc its friday? 
 happy happy birthday pops!!
Can you believe my Pops is 45?
lets hope i age like him. 

how is your week?
what are your weekend plans?
do you have any prayer requests?
did i talk too much today?
its all this coffee, im telling you

i hope your weekend is wonderful!

well i suppose i aught to get ready for work, clean the dishes and eat something,

thanks for stopping by, 
now go visit the other ladies at 
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  1. Yes this weather has been amazing!!!
    Loved having coffee with you! This is my favorite! I love coffee dates!

  2. It has been pretty rainy and stormy here in Cali. It hailed last weekend where I live. And there is rain and heavy winds coming our way this weekend. Lucky you and your nice weather! Though I can't complain, I'm a stormy weather kinda girl!

  3. Don't stress! It will all get done! :) If you're still looking for wedding bands, we got mine from Kay Jewelers. They're the best priced of the name brands. The hubs' came from He just wanted a plain silver looking ring, so we got one from there for like $50!
    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. We have had amazing weather in Sunny So Cal! Well minus a couple days ago. hehe
    Planning a wedding can be so stressful, but it'll all come together!

  5. Wedding planning is so much fun! Congrats, and your dad looks really young for his age. You will age good!! :)


Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his.