a love story: boy meets girl

Girl hollers out car window to Boy.
Boy is confused.
Girl introduces self to Boy. Boy invites Girl over.
Boy kisses Girl.
Boy and Girl chat for a few weeks.
Girl accidently asks Boy out. Boy is surprised and says YES!
Girl kicks herself.
Boy and Girl date all through the summer.
Girl has a brain fart and breaks up with handsome Boy.
sad day.

Girl realizes shes an idiot and asks Boy out again. for serious. Boy thinks twice but says yes.
Boy takes Girl home to meet his family. Girl is impressed.
Boy takes Girl on an amazing weekend trip to Chicago to see her favorite Musical on stage.
Girl falls in love with Boy.
Boy and Girl drive 18 hours to Florida for a family vacation with Girl's family.
Turns out Florida rains a lot. They then drive 18 hours back home.

Girl moves across the street from Boy. Boy moves in with Girl.
Girl realizes this house is small. Boy says find a new apartment.
Girl finds new apartment and they move.
Boy and Girl date for another year.
Girl flies back home to California  all the while Boy is back in Indiana secretly
looking at engagement rings. Boy tells Girl to plan anniversary date.
Girl plans to go swimming all day. Boy ignores all plans and takes Girl on a walk over the river.
Boy pops the question.
Girl thinks its  a joke and wants to go swimming.
Boy is serious.
Girl says heck YES.
They never went swimming.
Girl and Boy date another year and move 2 more times.
Finally Boy sets date. Girl tries on dresses.


  1. Very sweet story, I like the boy and girl titles.

  2. I love these photos :)
    you look super cute!



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