weekend recap, a post of randomness

it never fails i always miss posting on mondays. my weekends ALWAYS seem to carry into monday and i dont get a chance to post.
this weekend was great. 
it was, in fact, my dads birthday!
we had a great celebration, 

dinner. drinks. cards. more drinks. 
see that arrow?
yea, its pointing at a rainbow. 
it was actually a double rainbow but we didnt notice until after the photo was taken.
my mums got the double rainbow photo!

the rest of the weekend was consumed with recovering from the Malibu flu and wedding errands. we decided on a caterer for the rehearsal dinner, visited a few potential hotels for guests to stay, one has a stinkin water park. uhm, yes please! 
and visited a bakery. 

i know, i know. what? im not making my own cake??
as per request of the future inlaws, i am to hire someone else to make my cake.

but thats fine, one less thing i have to worry about wedding week i suppose. besdies, ill have tons of cupcakes and pies to make. 

if you read this far down the post you might as well continue on lol, 

myself and another blogger 
had been tossing around the idea of setting up a blogger meetup for the midwest ladies but ihave lost sight of it because of the wedding planning. 
then today another lovely blogger in a group i am in brings up the idea!!! clearly God has a plan! So, if you are in the Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, or even Illinois area and would be interested in joining, leave a little note. 

i dont have any details as i am not the one putting it on, but im trying to help out and get an idea of what to plan for. 

tomorrow is my first guest poster for 
Wedding Wednesdays!
and i am so excited for all yall to see who it is!!!!

i hope your weekend was fabulous!


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  1. Happy Birthday to Dad! :) You must have been crazy to think you might have had the time to MAKE your own wedding cake!?!? haha. Glad to hear you are hiring someone else! ;)


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