Wedding Wednesday: Kitts Wedding

Hi, my name is Jana & I blog over at Giggles, Glitz & Glam. This is a great week for you to drop by & check me out because I just relaunched the blog & there is an excellent giveaway going on. I am excited to share my wedding with you today!
Our wedding bells rang on November 21st, 2009.

A little background story for us: we started dating on February 21st, 2009! 4 months of dating, 5 months engaged and married on our 9 month Anniversary. Yep, we did it quick!!

In no particular order, my three favorite wedding images:

I very distinctly remember this moment as I told my dad not to look at my mom because neither of us were allowed to cry. I come from a family of sobbers so I knew if either of us saw her we would get teary eyed. We survived. In fact, I managed not to cry during my wedding which came as pure shock to me. I sobbed uncontrollably through my sisters.

This moment might be one of my favorite parts of the entire wedding! Instead of a unity candle we poured sand which now is displayed in our home. While we poured the sand our friend, David, sang the song Love is not a Fight by Warren Barfield. Check it out if you haven't heard it before!

I had Cody's brother, dad, aunt & cousin perform our recessional.

I absolutely love my bridal party & their sweet baby girls. On the left is my sister & my two nieces (okay one is still in the womb). To my right is Chelsey & her little girl then Rachel. I have known both Chelsey & Rachel since the 7th grade. I let my flower girls go barefoot and bought them sweet little James Avery anklets. Never found shoes I was happy with.

The groomsmen & one of the ring bearers. To Cody's left is his brother, Kenny, the best man. To his right, his cousin, Justin, the ringbearer, Caleb (Chelsey's son) & David, Cody's best friend.


My family!

My adorable niece & nephew! Look how GQ he is!

His family!


Some of the details:

The wedding cake made by a life long friend of our family. She didn't think she was going to be able to make it because she had an injury, but she was able to. My heart was broken that she couldn't so I was elated when she told me she could make it.

She also made the grooms cake. It's Cody's favorite, german chocolate cake, with a double T for Texas Tech which is both of our alma mater!

My something old & something blue. This was my mothers which I was privileged to wear in my wedding. It now hangs on my bed.

I didn't have your traditional wedding reception. We just had desserts, coffee & candy.

While I absolutely love shoes, I hate them all at the same time. I really would have preferred to be barefoot under my dress but my sister said that would be unfair since my mom made her wear shoes. So I settled for slippers!

The necklace I wore with my dress. My bridesmaids wore the same necklace but in a light brown. Loved them!

Goodbye sweet friends!


what a beautiful wedding!
thank you so much Jana for sharing!! 
i love the coffee and dessert ideas for a reception! 



  1. Loved sharing my story again! Always love getting a chance to really think about that day again.

    A little boy who attended my wedding told his mom that he must have been in Heaven because of all the candy. So cute!

  2. Great grooms cake! Red Raiders get your guns up!

  3. Aw Jana is so fun! Love her wedding photos! :)


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