Wedding Wednesday: Sancken Wedding

Hello there! My name is Julie, and I blog over at Back to the Basics. I am so excited that Aleks asked me to be featured here to tell the story about our wedding! A little background, I married my high school sweetheart the weekend right after finals in my final year of college. Yes, I am crazy. We dated almost 5 years before getting engaged, and then got married on our 6 year dating anniversary, December 15, 2007. Hard to believe we will celebrate 5 years of marriage and 11 years together this year!

The proposal was sort of expected, but I thought it would be for our anniversary or for Christmas. Brandon had a hunch that I was counting on that, so he surprised me the day before Thanksgiving, 2006. He took me out to where he farms, where we have always talked about building a house, and asked me to marry him while the sun set. It was unexpected, perfect, and then we got right to the planning for our somewhat Christmas-y wedding the following year.

The planning process wasn't easy. Brandon has a huge family and has lived in Central Illinois his entire life. I am originally from Western Nebraska, so I knew that if my family wanted to come, they would have to travel. Add planning a wedding to my already busy college schedule and getting married the weekend of finals, you could say it was a LOT. I am pretty glad I don't have to do this EVER again! We tried to keep things simple, but Brandon's parents are divorced, and with so many differing opinions, we seriously considered just getting married at the court house about 3 weeks beforehand and surprising everyone at the church. THAT would have been awesome. We had our share of difficulties, but we were just reminded that it is ONE day and that it is something we should be SO excited for, not dreading to be over with!

During our engagement, we were required by our Pastor that married us to do premarital counseling with him. THIS is something I really enjoyed. We did a workbook together, I think it was 4 or 5 sessions, and it just really helped open up conversations that maybe otherwise wouldn't have come up while we were still enjoying being newly engaged. Kids, finances, expectations, what the Bible says about marriage, etc. It was great.

One thing that I guess is unique to our story is that we decided NOT to live together before we were married. Brandon had his own place not far from where my parents live, but we decided to wait to live together until after the wedding. We bought our first home 3 months before the wedding, and I moved most of my stuff in beforehand, but we spent our first night together as husband and wife in our new home.

Oh yes, we went home after the wedding. Why? Because it was an absolute BLIZZARD the day we got married. We had 6 inches of snow that day and couldn't make it to the hotel that we had originally booked. And when we got home from the wedding? We were locked out of the house! WHY? Because Brandon surprised me with a new car after the reception and him, the best man, and his dad who helped pull off that surprise got their wires crossed about the house key. We had to wait for my father-in-law to leave the reception so we could get in the house!

I am getting ahead of myself here.... Our wedding colors were red, black, and white. It was something I always wanted and it was definitely fitting with a December wedding. The bridesmaids wore black, carried white and red roses, and I carried all red roses. LOVED it.

We kept the wedding party small (4 attendants each), had our brothers serve as ushers, and I had two of my friends do the readings during the ceremony. One of my biggest recommendations to brides to be is to keep it simple. You don't have to have your second cousin twice removed stand up with you because she is family. Your wedding party should really reflect people in your life who are going to witness to you and help you stand accountable in your marriage. Just because you are lucky enough to have 15 best friends doesn't mean they should all be your bridesmaids. It gets WAY too complicated when finding a dress, planning the shower/bachelorette party, and it is EXPENSIVE to have people stand up with you.

My favorite part of the wedding was during the lighting of the unity candle. In hindsight, I wish I wouldn't have picked such a long song, but it was really the only chance we had to just focus on each other and not the other 100 details. We laughed, talked during the song, and just spent that three minutes just soaking it all in. We were finally married! If you don't do something like this in your ceremony, just set aside at least 5 minutes for yourselves ALONE to focus and enjoy the moment that you have been waiting for!

I hope you all enjoyed! :) And congratulations to Aleks as her wedding is fast approaching!

thank you so much Julie for sharing your winter wedding with us!
How awesome you got a new car from your new husband!!
You were a beautiful bride!!


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