Bridal Shower #1

I used to wonder why women would hire wedding planners. Its supposed to a magical day, why wouldnt you want to plan it yourself??
oh, right, because it so difficult. 
and time consuming.
and nobody every told me id start resenting my wedding. 
ive been trying hard to balance this blog, the shop, my job, social life and wedding planning. 
i feel like its a pick two kind of thing. 

so i am TRULY thankful for my mother and aunt who hosted a bridal shower for me and all i didnt have to do anything. 
just sit and look pretty.
i sat in a chair like all day. 

me and my little sister

me and my momma


One party down, one more to go next weekend. 
it was a little awkward opening and accepting gifts. It was like, heres your prize for getting engaged!! weird. 
but hey.... if someone wants to gift me wine for any reason whatsoever, who am i to tell them no. 

How was your bridal shower?



  1. Fun! This is where all the fun stuff really gets going! :) Enjoy it girl!

  2. I found you through fontenot blog. congrats on your engagement and soon to be wedding. enjoy this engaged season. so soon it will be over and you will wish someone would have told you to take deep breaths, escape with your fiance for a couple hours every weekend and just enjoy.
    oh and my showers were amazing. i look back on them now and think of all the amazing women who knew what they knew about love and marriage, and who prayed for all good things for me and my giant.


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