Wedding Wednesday: Mr. & Mrs. Konrath

Hi there! It's Faith from The Life Of Faith, and I couldn't be more excited to tell you all about my special day. It's perfect timing because my hubby and I just celebrated our one year anniversary two days ago on the 14th! 
The best wedding advice anyone ever gave me (and I'm glad I listened to it) is to focus on the marriage rather than the wedding. Don't make a big deal out of things, don't sweat the small stuff, and just have fun with it all. After all, it is a celebration and should be the happiest day of your life!

While I was planning my wedding, I was taking 18 credits in college and working 2 part time jobs (to pay for the college and the wedding)! I was a busy girl! It was hard to keep things in perspective, but I can honestly say I never lost sleep over my wedding.

Well let me tell you about this wedding. 
Did everything go perfectly? 
Haha no!
But was it ever perfect :)

We started our day off taking pictures separately. Jimmy didn't want to see me until I walked down the isle. It was tricky, but it worked!

We had chosen a weekend in the middle of May, keeping our fingers crossed that it wouldn't rain. The forecast was looking great, but on the way to the church the raindrops started to fall. 
All of our pictures were going to be taken outside, so as a last minute improvisation, we ran to Walmart and bought some umbrellas! I couldn't have planned it better!!

My brother-in-law was a great photographer. You can't even tell it was rainy in our pictures!

After a morning of taking pictures, it was finally time for the ceremony. I was so excited for Jimmy to see me in my dress walking down the isle. I was a little bit nervous, but once I locked eyes with my groom, I couldn't have been happier. It was so sweet watching him fidget up there, trying not to cry!

  We joined hands at the front of the church as our pastor Richie said a prayer. I couldn't stop smiling at my handsome groom and he kept whispering sweet things to me! It was like we were the only two people in the room. 
Our vows were very special. We had both written our own vows to say to each other. We had no idea what the other person had written, but that made it so real for both of us. We were really making a heartfelt promise to each other!
Next, one of our good friends sang the song Love Never Fails as we poured our unity sand and then knelt for the mantilla.  
The Mantilla is a Cuban tradition that has been passed down in my family for several generations. We did it a little differently to adapt to what we wanted in our ceremony by having our mothers place the lace over us and then having our fathers pray a blessing. It was one of the most special moments of our ceremony.
Our pastor gave a brief message and we exchanged rings and our first kiss as a married couple!
We walked out of the church to Carrie Underwood's Ever Ever After from Enchanted.
It was just like a fairy tale :)
Oh, and did I mention we had the most adorable flower girl and ring bearer cheering us on?
After the ceremony, we took our pictures together and had a lot of fun! Meanwhile, we had a photo booth, games, and snacks for our guests who were waiting so patiently. 

Our reception was short and sweet because it was so cold and rainy outside. Even though we had a tent, it was still cold!
It was perfect though because we were able to have fun with the people that stayed and get a head start on our honey moon! Heck yes!
We still had toasts given by our maid of honor and best man and got to smash cake in each other's faces!

We had our first dance to When You Got A Good Thing by Lady Antebellum
This was the first time my dad had ever danced with me. You can read the whole story of my wedding miracle by clicking here!

And that, ladies and gentlemen, just about sums it up! I hope if you are a bride to be that you just enjoy this planning process, and have a blast at your wedding! Remember, you have the choice to allow the little things that go wrong to either ruin your day, or make it even more memorable! Things don't have to go perfectly for it to be your perfect day:)

If you have any questions, need wedding help, or just someone to walk you through your bridezilla moments, I would love to help! You can e-mail me or visit me at my blog where I write about family, life, crafts, recipes, and all of my other newlywed adventures! You can also find me on twitter and Facebook. I love meeting new people and making new friends!

Thanks Aleks for letting me share about my day! I hope you have as much fun planning as I did, and that your wedding day is a dream come true! You will be a beautiful bride!

Sweet sweet Faith!!
Thank you so much for sharing your special day with us! 


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