Wedding Wednesday: Schultz Engagement!!

My wedding was a blast to plan, but one of my favorite parts was the whole proposal and engagement part! So without further ado, The Proposal! Not to be confused with…
Although he IS adorable!

Twelve years ago, my heart was stolen by that handsome fella in the picture above. We attended Junior year homecoming "together," Senior year homecoming together, went together to our Senior Prom, and walked each other to our lockers. We broke up once (for a few hours), kissed before we were *officially* boyfriend & girlfriend, helped each other with homework (ahem), and he ate my family's leftovers a lot. 

I fell in love with an unlikely suitor for me - long[ish] hair, Metallica & heavy metal band t-shirts, combat boots, and the like. Think Heath Ledger in "Ten Things I Hate About You" minus the Australian accent. Three years after our first date on Valentine's Day 2003, we planned to spend the day the way we usually did - a walk around Navy Pier in Chicago & dinner at Bubba Gump Shrimp Company.

Leading up to that day, Jim left a CD of songs on my car's windshield (music I didn't recognize) and his beater car took it's last mobile breath. With this unexpected [huge] expense, Jim prepared me for Valentine's Day by letting me know that his gift this year would not be substantial because of the car and that we'd just enjoy each other's company.

We headed downtown (a bit earlier than was typical) and actually had lunch at Joe's BeBop Cafe where Jim gave me my gift - a picture frame with some sentiment about soul mates (isn't that AWFUL that I can't recall right now?) and my all-time favorite candy - a Reese's Peanut Butter heart. I was thrilled!  Suddenly, after lunch, Jim took a glance outside and then grabbed my hand. He started RUNNING and *dragging* me all the way towards the outside of the Pier! The only thing outside that was of any value to me was the Ferris Wheel, but because of the cold Chicago winters, it's always closed.

Imagine my surprise when we burst through the doors to the outside to where I see the gigantic spinning Ferris Wheel - lit up and turned ON! With no one around, Jim paid for our trip and we grabbed our seat. He sat across from me (which I thought was VERY strange considering we were on a date!)  As we moved towards the top, he reminded me about his lack of gifts and reminded me of the question he asked me every Valentine's Day - "Will you be my Valentine?" He told me when we got to the top, he had to ask me a question and I immediately (and ONLY) thought it was his typical question.

As I looked out at the city, I turned back to find us at the tip top of the Ferris Wheel on our solo ride and my then-boyfriend was on bended knee - in the Ferris Wheel - and then he said - "Will you be my Forever Valentine?" I was shocked! My first thought (and question) went to my dad - "Did you ask him?!" Indeed, he had. He again asked the question and asked for an answer to which I said, "YES!" and we made our descent.

Questions from Ms. Aleks ::

*When did you know he/she was the one?

I was headed to a Missions trip in high school and we had been together for a few months (!!!!) After a tearful goodbye outside his house, I drove away and he came running after me into the street and told me he loved me. From that moment on, I knew I’d love him forever. We did break up once in high school for like five minutes, but I always knew we’d end up together.

*What was your favorite part about being engaged?

My favorite part about being engaged was the fact that we were planning one of the biggest days of our life together! The actual ring and proposal made our future together that much more real and it also gave us license to actually plan a wedding rather than just pretend. I also loved taking our engagement pictures in front of the same Ferris Wheel where we were engaged!

One more question because I’m feeling sassy!

*What advice would you give soon to be newlyweds?

Don’t get bogged down in planning and remember why you are getting married in the first place! Love each other and laugh a LOT! If you don’t laugh daily together, make life FUNNY!

Almost eight years married and two kids later, we’ve survived the seven-year-itch and I can’t wait to celebrate many more years together!


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Thank you so much for sharing your engagement with us!!



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