Wedding Wednesday: Mr. & Mrs. Trevino

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I’m so excited to be part of Aleks' Wedding Wednesday series. It's been awesome getting to know the other women through their posts and pictures. Aleks, thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to share a bit about my experience in wedding planning.
My husband Mike and I started dating my freshman year of college (if you'd like to read more about our love story click HERE). He proposed on a beautiful day in September 2005 and we planned a March 2006 wedding. I had a very clear idea of what I wanted for my wedding and knew that it was important to me to be involved in the planning, so I organized and crafted my way through our six month engagement to a wedding day I was very proud of. FLOWERS One of the first projects I took on was designing and arranging the flowers. Because I was going the artificial route, I was able to wait for sales and arrange at my leisure. Once we had our bridal party and all my supplies, I set to work with long stemmed roses, floral wire, floral tape, ribbon and a good glue gun. Completed bouquets and boutonnieres were covered in plastic and stored until the big day. Most guests had no idea we used artificial flowers and I still have the pleasure of enjoying my bouquet as it was when I wake up every morning. VEIL When the time came, I was able to buy my dress off the rack at David's Bridal for $100. I was NOT about to pay huge $$$ for a veil. I hand sewed beading to the end of a two tiered veil I created out of bridal tulle, gathered it at the top and sewed it to a sparkly comb from Claires. I think the whole thing literally cost me $10. STAGE & DECORATIONS My husband and I were both on staff at the church we married in, so we were able to use staging and props to our advantage (free of charge!). Our sit-down reception was hosted at a local banquet facility that also serviced the church from time to time so we were able to strike a very inexpensive deal with them to use some of their props. Much of the fabric and columns were on loan from the banquet hall and were carted back by our wonderful attendants between the ceremony and reception.  
 I purchased aisle & staging flowers considerably cheaper than the ones used in our attendants arrangements because most guests wouldn't see them up close and we planned to keep the lighting low for the ceremony. Some of my favorite pictures of the church include the sparkly Christmas lights lining the aisles (which I saw in a bridal magazine the week of the wedding) and the lighted spandex in the background (which were regular staging features for the church at the time of the wedding).   
 I had so much fun planning my wedding, but of course that was only the first day of our marriage. Every day may not be as production worthy as the wedding, but each day gets sweeter and each day I am reminded how happy I am we chose to do life together. Questions from Ms. Aleks: What advice would you give soon to be newlyweds?

1. You can plan a fabulous wedding on a small budget. You may just need to exercise your creative muscle and do some of the work yourself.
2. Today is your day and you get to make the calls. Just remember that you need to return the same support you expect to receive in kind.
3. Keep things in perspective. Your wedding will arguably be the most important day of your life, but it is one day of the much greater journey of marriage.
4. Inevitably things will go wrong, but your day will still be perfect if you let it.
5. Take time to do premarital counseling - and in that vein, make sure that you are spending time together. Planning a wedding takes a lot of time and effort and you don’t want to lose sight of your best friend in the process.
6. The wedding is fabulous but the honeymoon is VACATION! Have fun and RELAX! After surviving the stress of a wedding YOU'VE EARNED IT!
What advice do you have for the morning of a wedding?
1. Eat a good breakfast. No matter how hard you try, you will not be eating at the wedding (or at least you won't remember it!).
2. Try to sleep the night before. Plan your parties and your get togethers earlier in the week.
3. Don’t sweat the small stuff. Nothing is more frustrating than a crabby bossy bride.
4. Remind people (when necessary and in the sweetest possible way) to not hug your veil when they hug you :).
5. Keep a handkerchief wrapped around your bouquet for those moments at the altar you might get a little teary eyed.
6. Take mental pictures throughout the day. Pause to really see and feel and experience all that is happening. Smile and laugh and drink in everything that is your day :).
Thanks again Aleks for hosting this fabulous series and giving me opportunity to share. Hoping your wedding to Brad brings you much happiness & joy and that you have a fabulously fun time making your own wedding memories!


  1. beautiful Christine! And very useful tips that brides should take heed of!


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