Wedding Wednesday: The stomach bug honeymoon

Hi! My name is Jessica and I blog over at Freckles & Dirt and I design and blog a little over at Southtown Creative. I'm so glad to be here today talking about wedding stuff with Aleks!


 I think I'm going to talk about my hilarious non-honeymoon honeymoon, because, well, everybody's covered the topics I had thought about before :). A little wedding background first... My husband, Jonathan, and I met in like 6th grade when our Churches attended Church Camp together and we dated for a total of like 27 days (hubs knows the exact number of days, no joke, but he's not here so I'm just guessing). We ended up breaking up because his Grandma told him he didn't need a girlfriend, and he listens to every.single.word (still to the this day) that his grandma says, lol. Since he wasn't certain of how to actually go about breaking up with me, he decided, with the help of his older sister, that leaving a message on my answering machine would be appropriate, too funny! So, fast-forward a few years to our senior year in High School. We had stayed acquaintances throughout school and started dating (again) the very beginning of our senior year. We got engaged the November after we graduated High School and then got married August 18th, 2007, just about 3 years later.
We were just starting our last semester of college when we got married and knew that we were DEFINITELY going to be poor folk for a while! But it didn't matter, we wanted to get married, so we did it! Ok, now onto the non-honeymoon honeymoon, ha! My sister-in-law (the hubby's sister) and her family were driving in just a few days before the wedding from about 6 hours away (her husband is in the Marine's and that's where they were stationed at the time) and they always stay with my in-laws when they come into town. At this point, my husband had already moved into our rental house (probably 1-2 weeks before the wedding) so he was not living at home BUT himself and all of the groomsmen were planning to get ready at his parents' house the morning of the wedding. Well, when my sister-in-law got here, she brought the stomach bug with her! She was super sick, was in the hospital the morning of my rehearsal dinner (dehydration) and was still feeling like complete crud on our wedding day. So, in true sick nature, she infected the entire house she was staying in and nobody thought to disinfect before all of the guys came to get ready. Everybody felt fine the day of the wedding, no one seemed sick (except maybe my sister-in-law who was recovering and my little niece had some belly troubles but nothing major). That night though, every.single.person who got ready at my in-laws' house started puking! My husband woke up the next morning feeling pretty rough and knew he'd caught the bug. That same morning, we woke up to a call from my Mom asking if I had a picture of my grandpa to give to the police department because he had been missing since the wedding and they were afraid he got turned around in the dark and had never made it home. AND, he had no money on him! So, my grandpa was missing. We were supposed to drive about 4 hours away to Pigeon Forge, TN for our honeymoon because we only had about 2 or 3 days before we had to get back to school so we didn't have time for a "proper" honeymoon. We debated whether or not to go and decided we would go anyway and I would drive so the hubs could rest the whole time. I stocked up on airborne (I SWEAR by that stuff) and we went by my Mom & Dad's house to get some of the money from our cards to take with us. While at my parents' house my grandpa came walking up the road (his truck had ran out of gas about a mile up the road) and when we asked what happened to him he told us he had a stroke. My parents weren't at home because they were still cleaning up the wedding venue so we took him to the ER and sat waiting for my parents for about an hour, all the while my husband felt like he was going to be sick. Turned out my grandpa was just embarrassed to tell that he got lost so he made up the stroke thing and was fine. So, we headed off to our honeymoon, the hubs slept the whole time and only awoke when I needed a little help with directions. We got to our hotel and he crashed in the bed, in the middle of the afternoon. I ended up eating overpriced, nasty hotel food for supper and watching re-runs of Diary of a Mad Black Woman on TV since that seemed to be the ONLY thing on that night! The next day, we stayed in the hotel room all day because Jonathan literally couldn't move without feeling sick. Not the "didn't leave the hotel room" tale that normally gets told on a honeymoon, that's for sure! I ventured back to the hotel cafeteria. Yum. The next day he was feeling a TAD better so we "tried" to head out for supper to his favorite restaurant, Texas Roadhouse. Well, he wasn't feeling as well as he thought and I felt HORRIBLE eating my YUMMY food right in front of him! LOL. By the last day he was feeling well enough to venture into town to do a bit of shopping and site seeing and then he drove home, still halfway sick and green but feeling a little better. I'm pretty sure we ate at Pizza Hut that day. Fun times. Luckily I never got sick, I'm tellin' ya, Airborne is the shiz-niz! So, the moral of the story is...if someone comes into town a few days before your wedding with a stomach bug...don't get around them, don't go in the house they've been infecting, just.don'! Haha! I hope you guys enjoyed this 1/2 humorous 1/2 sad story of my honeymoon. At this point we've been married nearly 5 years and we've still never had a honeymoon, we've been too busy with jobs, building our house, having babies, etc...maybe one day. Congrats Aleks!!!


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