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Hello lovelies!
Sarah here from Life on Walnut Street.
As the title implies...this post was meant to be a part of our beautiful bride Aleks' Wedding Wednesday postings! (Fail on my part!) Yesterday also happened to be my birthday. I'm going to come clean here...things have been so bananas this week that until my hubbs actually said happy birthday to me yesterday morning I had totally forget about it! (Kind of like I forgot to send Aleks this post! Sigh) Well, I bring up my birthday because today I want to share with you about how my hubbs (Dustin) and I got engaged and it happened to be around the same time of year 5 years ago!
One of my favorite pictures of us when we were dating!
 2007 - The end of June was approaching and I was right in the middle of experiencing my first Ohio Summer! I had relocated from Florida to Ohio that past February and was living with his parents. Dustin had moved home that past summer. We met as just young kids in 2002 living down in Orlando. I was not even 19 and he was 23. Our friendship grew in the hot Florida sun over coffee and music, trips to the ocean and late night movies.  Over the years, I'm not sure just when it happened, but we grew into best friends; the best of friends!

This particular weekend in June I had been looking forward to for a long time! We were planning to head back to Illinois, where I was born, because it was my grandparents 50th wedding anniversary! It's about 8 hours from Northeast Ohio to where my family still lives in Illinois! It is funny to think about it now, but looking back poor Dustin must have been going crazy with a ring in his pocket the entire 8 car ride!

The evening before the Anniversary Party we had a big cook-out at my aunt's house! My aunt lives in one of the most beautiful places I can think of, nestled into the cornfields of central Illinois sits an adorable old farm house, barn and the most beautiful gardens that you can imagine. I have such amazing memories of playing there as a child. Memories that I had often shared with Dustin when I was feeling tired of Florida and homesick for the mid-west. How could I have known back then that God's perfect timing would not only lead my back to beauty of a state with 4 seasons again, but in the process would also give me my amazing husband!

It was just before dinner, the other guys were across the field, by the barn grilling. Dustin came in the house and asked if I wanted to take some pictures in the garden. On that long, lazy evening, in the middle of that garden with the smell of summer and corn fields, and flowers and a charcoal grill swirling in the air Dustin got down on one knee and told me that  I needed to ask me a question!

The day that he proposed!
After I had said yes and kissed that boy, I looked up and over to the farm house, where I saw 3 little heads spying out the kitchen window. My mom, my aunt, and my cousin all had a front row seat for the show!

The best part of that weekend was being able to go to the Anniversary party that next afternoon and tell my grandparents, friends, and family that I was going to get to marry the best guy in the world! We tied-the-knot 3 months later that September on a day very much like the one that he proposed on; warm and sunny with the sweet smell of summer still lingering in the breeze! Here are some pictures of our perfect day!


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