And then there were two...

Sick of hearing/seeing about our wedding yet?
Good, I didnt think so!
We had the reception in a barn at the orchard. 
it was hot when the sun was setting but still really nice. 
I spend weeks making the centerpieces out of recycled wine bottles and string balls. I made bunting and hoopart and wreaths and chalkboards. The night before the wedding my bridesmaids and myself were putting the centerpieces together at the barn until 1 am. It was a feat but we got i done! 
i was hoping by now we would have the photos from our other photographer, or at least an email...
no such luck. 

im really close to having a few negative choice words with her. 

We were super late going from the church to the reception.
at this point the other photographer was "done"
so Blair shot all of the reception. 
and then of course we have some from friends and family who took photos and if im not mistaken my dad took some too. 

The only thing i knew for certain was that i WOULD have a dessert table. 
I didnt get to add to it because that would have been hectic so i asked my family and bridesmaids to  help. My Aunt/bridesmaid made the cupcakes, My grandmother took care of the pies, Brads grandmother took care of the cookies and a friend of our made the cake. 

i wrapped some of my hair extensions around my garter belt...
needless to say we got a TON of laughs and Brads face was priceless because he had no idea!

it was getting hot under there

Our first dance was to Darling I Do by Landon Pig & Lucy Schwartz 
If you have never heard you MUST youtube! 
You will fall in love with Landon Piggs voice. 

My dad and i danced to "You're Gunna Miss This" by Trace Adkins 

And then we did the chicken dance!

 We asked her song she wanted to dance to when we saw the weeekend before and she said shed think on it and let us know. 
Then she forgot. So when it was their turn to dance we didnt have a song so they decided to dance to "Footloose"
it was hilarious!
Who knew Brad those moves in him?

What kind of wedding would it be without Call Me Maybe?
p.s. my dad, and brad made that dance floor... 

The Slocum Family!
Yeas... i am really tall.... 

Seriously the best girlfriends i can ever ask for!
too bad it looks like im sleeping.. lame. 

oh... and there is that inappropriate photo... 

oh.. but the shenanigans didn't stop there!
my AMAZING maid of Honor put together an after party for us 
so all of our friends could celebrate with us. 
She knew how hard it was for us to scale down the wedding to family only so she told all of our friends who were originally invited to still come to town and surprise us at the after party!!


  1. Your wedding reception looks adorable! You did a great job with everything! Love the photos:)

  2. The reception looked AWESOME!!! That barn looks so cool!


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