Blessed are those who know Gods love.

What a journey this summer has been. 
We started out celebrating my (then fiance) Husbands graduation and his accepting of a new job!  
Then it was panic mode to get the rest of the wedding planned, the apartment packed up, and to find a new apartment.
But then everything was stopped in its tracks.
My little brother was killed. 
A head on car accident. 
We will never know how it happened.
But i think that was Gods plan. 
Then we moved into my parents 4 bedroom farmhouse....
that was already holding 7 people. 
23 days until the wedding. 
9 people. 
1 house. 
1 bathroom. 

A funeral to plan, a wedding to plan.
So many people coming in and out of the house everyday. People I have never seen before. People I really did't care to see. People who I had been so overjoyed to see. 
Anxiety. Stress. Heartbreak. 

Oh yes. 
We all went a little crazy. 

We got married at the end of July. 
Moved out of my parents house to a totally new town. 
I started driving again. 
(i know.. what the what? thats a whole nother story) 
And now here we are. 
Its the end of August. 
End of summer. 
I am so grateful for my life. 
For living. 
I am blessed with an amazing Husband to take this journey with me. 
I am grateful for the insane experiences I was blessed with. 
Im grateful I have been blessed with life each morning, to open my eyes, to breath, to see the world each morning. 

I has been a long, long summer. 
and yet when i think about it i feel like it just started. 

Today I am incredibly grateful for the sacrifice that has been made FOR us. 
As I was getting my coffee this morning I was thinking how blessed I am that I can DO that. 
I am so thankful for my health and my capabilities. 
I was listening to NPR on the way home this morning, 
{totally geeky, i know}
The Paralympics are this week. 
How amazing our God is. 
These brothers and sisters of our world are handi-cappable. 
They are no less than us. 
They are no better than us.
They are equal. 
With or without the same body mass as anyone else. 
With or without the knowledge as anyone else. 
The Paralympics athletes are such an inspiration to me. 

I was at a point in my life recently where everything seemed to fail. 
I was so pathetic, basing my worth on others accomplishments. 
Lame, dude.

Joyful I am today to have another day to serve my Lord. Another day to spend with my Husband. 
Another to read my Fathers words and live for only him. 
It is hard to stop living for the world and live for word. 
I am slowly working on it everyday. 
And I am blessed for the allowance to wake everyday. 

I miss my brother. 
He was so young. 
But had such a heart for our Lord. 
He has brought my heart to Jesus. 
And now all I can do is serve our Lord like my brother taught me. 

Recently this song has been singing straight to my heart. 

 Lord, I thank you for the many blessing I have been given this summer. I thank you for the friendships you have formed and the love you have filled my heart with. I thank you for my blogging community and my group of Christian Women. Father I thank you for my second chance, everyday. 


  1. Beautiful post and I LOVE the new-ish layout. xoxoxo

  2. So beautiful Aleks. You definitely had an emotional summer- from tragic to awesome. Love ya gal!

  3. What a beautiful post. What summer! So glad you have had your husband with you to walk through this journey.

  4. I love this post, you, and that song. Not in that order, though :)

  5. Beautiful post! Sorry for your loss, but so glad you have your hubby and family to surround you. xoxox

  6. I'm a new reader from the Christian Women Group and I loved reading this post and getting to know your heart, struggles and background.

  7. I agree with every word Samantha said!

    Be blessed, Aleks!



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