Bridesmaid Inspiration Packages

I had zero desire to micromanage what my bridesmaids wore. 
Its not my dress they are picking out. 
Im not the one that has to stand up there in what they pick out. 
I sure wouldnt like it if they picked my wedding dress and expected me to pay for it and wear it and it looked hideous.

When it came to picking out their style i only had to demands. 

1) NOBODY wears the same dress
2) No shiny, polyester, from the bridal store dress. 

Other than that I just picked out a few colors i liked and let them do what they wanted. 

I put together little packages with inspiration and colors so i could 'help' them even though i was states away from all of my girls. 
The colors of the wedding were Grey, Pink, and Yellow. 
I picked up some paint swatches from the local hardware store.
You can also find them online if you go to the actual paint brands website. 

I gave the girls 6 colors to choose from. 
I picked one of each color for each bridesmaid.

{note- some of these photos are terribly frightening due to horrible lighting at 3 am, when i put these together...} 

I punched a hole in the upper corner of each paint swatch and then tied them together with a coral ribbon. 

I wrote each of the girls a note telling them to pick out a dress that they loved and would wear over and over again. 
I knew they would be like... wtf.... mismatched dresses? are you nuts? 

I used an online photo editor to make 

'inspiration cards' 

so that they were able to see my ideas. 
i LOVE this wedding so i sent them this card,

Like many if not all of the women on pinterst i had a board of just bridesmaid outfits. I picked out the ones i LOVED and made a little collage. 

Of course you cant send a themed package without a little tunes. 
I made each bridesmaid a mixed cd of my favorite love songs. 
I used scrapbook paper to made a little cd case and then made a printable with all the songs listed on it. 

I stacked all the cards, cd, letter, and paint swatches and wrapped them in bakers twine with a little name tag. 

I made little packages from brown kraft paper by taking apart a manilla envelope, tracing it onto cardstock {to have a template for later dates} then tracing it on the kraft paper, cutting and gluing. 

Each package was then tied with a burlap bow and bakers twine and shipped off to my lovely bridesmaids. 

p.s. My bridesmaids? They all ended up choosing the same color except my MOH. 
And they didnt even plan it. Each girl sent me a photo of her dress and they were all he same coral pink. 


  1. I totally agree! I love when bridesmaids wear different dresses- I think it adds so much. I love your inspiration as well! Your girls turned out beautiful! :)

  2. This idea is FABULOUS! So thoughtful and a great way to make everyone feel included! :)

  3. oh to have Pinterest around when we had our wedding 10 years ago -- i love how your gift turned out too! lovely!!

  4. I like the new look of the blog

  5. Love the coral! So pretty! Thanks for linking up to the CHQ Blog Hop! Hope to see you back next week!


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