Choosing the right photographer

There are so many different ways to keep memories of your wedding.
You can have an awesome photobooth, disposables on each table. you can have a video made, or hire a legit photographer. 
With having so much last minute  planning we decided on hiring a photographer.
She was recommended by a family member, so we thought she must be good and hired her. 
she had asked for a detailed list of shots we wanted which we happy to send her. 
Literally a few days before the wedding she emails my mother in law, not myself, not my fiance. 
She send the list back with 'edits' on shots she wasnt going to take AND then says she is only available for 4 hours.... 
Her hotel was being paid for, her gas to drive up to the wedding was being paid for, she was invited to dinner with everyone after the ceremony.. 
so what the heck was she going to be doing the rest of the day?
i was so furious. 
so i called a close friend and he agreed last minute to shoot the wedding. 
what a life saver. 
we couldnt cancel the other photographer so we just kept her and decided to she what shots she would get.
Blair, my friend, met up with us girls at 10 am he took shots of us at brunch, followed us to the salon and took amazing shots there, went to my parents (where the guys were getting ready) and took so great shots of the guys horsing around, proceeded to take shots at the ceremony AND the reception. I am so grateful for him. 
the woman we hired?
i wanted her to meet us in our hotel room to get shots of us doing makeup, of the bridemaids dresses, of us getting our dresses on etc. etc. 
she was late. 
i had to ask one of my bridesmaids to get out of her dress and tell the photographer that i wanted a shot of the dresses. 
a little bridezilla?
really pissed off?
when it came time for my dad to help me with my pearls she was gone.
she just disappeared.
after the ceremony we were super late for dinner because she was confused on the list i sent her. 
i only wanted on shot of Brad and I inside the church and then i wanted the rest outside because it was brighter, and i wanted a shot of Brad and I with everyone in the party. 
Im not sure why it was so hard for her to figure it all out when there was a detailed list, 
that she asked for. 
the best part about this whole thing?
she hasnt even contacted us. 
she left right after the group shots and we havent seen her since. 
Blair was a total grace from God. 
here a few tips i have learned:

When hiring a photographer,
1. Always ask to see their most recent work
2. If they dont work for a reputable company ask for references
3. Meet with them before the wedding and then again perhaps the day before to make sure there are NO unanswered questions
4. ALWAYS voice your opinions, it is YOUR day. 

Here are some shots Blair took of us the morning of my BIG DAY! 
After you check these out check out his other work here.
I would recommend him any day! 

something borrowed.

She loves me, I swear. 



Brad got me this wonderful gift!

The boys were working on the programs hours before the wedding..... 

Do you have any advice on picking a photographer for a wedding?
Did you have any wedding photo blunders?

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  1. love your hair! that's too bad about the photographer


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