Goin' to the chapel....

I do.
He does. 
We did. 
We're married! 

We had the ceremony at
Rossville United Methodist
We didnt decorate the church at all. 
it was beautiful just the way it was. 

he apparently tried to escape..  

our soloist and ring girl {aka baby sister}

Before the ceremony we had a little "ceremony" with our parents. 
The night before the wedding our Pastor told us how this was our time to become adults. This was the time when our parents jobs are done. The are no longer raising us, no longer watching out for us sort of speak. This was the time that we become each others caregivers and each others 'guardians'.
Our parents had a ribbon tied in a bow, signifying our bonds with our family. We pulled one end {Brad with his parents, myself with my parents} untying the bow essentially relieving our parents. 


After we lit the unity candle we tied our ribbons together {tying the knot...literally....} 

Did i mention we had no idea what were doing... and that the cross blocked everyone from seeing what were doing so it actually looked like were shaking hands... 

The ceremony was supposed to start at 430...
not only was i running late, 
i didnt have my dress on...
i was literally putting on the last minute things while Brad was already waiting at the front of the church....

we had a HUGE wedding party!
i sent the girls paint swatches {amongst other things} of the wedding colors. i gave them 99% percent free reign in choosing a dress, shoes, accessories, and hair style. 
my only request was that they did not buy one of those ugly shiny double tone bridesmaids dresses from a bridal store. HATE those. i sent them 7 different swatches, a few shades of coral, a few shades of grey {ha! shades of grey....} anyways a one yellow. 
NOT EVEN KIDDING almost every girl except my MOH picked coral. 
st first i was annoyed. i wanted them to wear different colors, i did not want a matchy wedding. 
but i am SO impressed with each of them! i think the dresses matched well but didnt look to conformed. i loved how it turned out! i asked the guys {minus the BM} to pick out coral ties and to contact their bridesmaid partner so they knew what color to get. 

i hae no idea what song played when i walked down the isle. i was so nervous. 

{preparing to use my bouquet as a weapon i guess}

we had a third candle stick with a leather bracelet around it for my brother. 

{told ya}

telling secrets. 


i almost fell down the steps....

you mean i have to sign a legal contract too??

I spent a lot of time making the bouquets and the last one was finished while we were getting dressed the day of the wedding. I had no back up plan. if it wasnt finished then it wasnt finished. 
i love how they turned out! 
Come back tomorrow to see the group photos and a sneaky peek of the reception. 

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  1. I love the different shades of coral in the dresses! It worked out perfect that the MOH chose yellow! :) Makes her stand out!


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