Mr & Mrs

We got married! 
2 years of planning, creating, saving, stressing, and waiting.
We had originally planned this big beautiful outdoor wedding in the apple orchard surrounded by nature and the love of our friends and family. 
This was the plan all the way up until 23 days before the wedding. 
that was when everything changed.
my whole world got flipped upside down. 
my brother died. 
the next two weeks of my life were supposed to be filled with wedding planning, wedding anxiety, and love & happiness surrounded by our friends and family. 
instead it was filled with anger, grief, and heartbreak, 
 a few days before the wedding we had a hard decision to make.

We realized what we needed right now was family. 
So we canceled the big wedding and moved the ceremony to the church. 
I think this may have been one of my brothers final "tasks"
If he hadnt died i would have never had the conversations i had with his Pastor. 
Brad and I decided we needed to get married in the Church. 
As much i have dreamed about writing my own vows and getting married under the trees it was not what i wanted anymore. I wanted to be married at the Altar, in Gods house. I wanted to feel closer to my brother and I think the church was the best place to start. 

We ended up nixing a few DIY projects that i felt so hell bet on making before. 
It seemed like before i was planing a wedding, a party. 
But after my brothers death i wanted to not only be married to Brad but i wanted to feel closer to my family. I wanted to feel closer to Jesus. 

I have tons of photos and projects and posts to share with you guys that i dont even know where to start!


  1. I am so excited to see how everything turned out! I cannot imagine the emotions you are going through - but I know that your brother is proud and supportive of the choice you made! Congratulations on marriage!!

  2. It's crazy how something like that can drastically change your priorities, right?! I'm so happy for you two! Congrats on being married!!!


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