Not yo mommas grilled cheese

if you follow me on instagram, or know me in real life you will know that i have a slight obsession with grilled cheese. 
i have no problem eating it everyday for lunch. (or dinner)
and im not afraid to brad that i make some of the best grilled cheese sandwiches. 

im not talking about the wonderbread and kraft singles that we ate as children. (i really stand to eat those)
im talking about a delicious crispy, melty, flavorful grilled perfection. 

Bread is the key. 
Yes its called grilled "cheese" but no matter how delicious the cheese is if you dont have the right bread it sucks. 

My go to bread is ALWAYS French bread.
And my go to cheese is always Muenster.

I have two favorites i like to make rather frequently. 
The first one i call
"Grilled Southwest"

*French Bread
* Re fried beans
* Cheddar cheese
*Hot sauce

I personally like to make this the day after we Mexican night at my house. 
Its a great way to use the leftovers but still have something different than what you ate the night before. Another option is to add taco meat. I am more of a thinly sliced deli meat kind of girl so i nix the ground beef or chicken. 
Serve with salsa or chipotle sour cream. 

My second favorite grilled cheese is pretty common. 
Its a small take on hot ham and cheese. except i dont eat ham. unless its shaped like bacon. 
This sandwich doesnt really have a name. 
I guess for grins and giggles well call it 

"The Turkey Melt"
{real original, i know} 

 *Delicious french bread
*Super thinly sliced deli turkey meat 
*Whats left of the muenster cheese you have been snacking on

I fry the turkey a little bit until it is golden. There is just something about cold, wet, slippery lunch meat that totally freaks me out. Plus the hot turkey helps the cheese melt faster thus a cheesier sandwich.  

Serve with sour cream drizzled with Dijon mustard. 

If you haven't noticed by now i am a dipper. 
I love to dip my sandwiches in sour cream or salsa or guacamole or soup or really anything i can pour into a bowl i suppose. 

If you have any delicious grilled cheese ideas send them to me. Id love to try them out. This weekend I am going to whip up a few sandwiches with Everything bread. You know the kind... with everything on it... like onion and garlic and whatnots. Maybe ill try some homemade mozzarella on it? 


  1. These look AMAZING!!!! Thanks so much for posting (and a great way to get kids to eat more than just CHEESE!) :)


  2. YUM! I too, love grilled cheese and LOVE making it on french or ciabatta bread!

  3. Oh WOW!! That looks and sounds amazing!! Pinning this! thanks!

  4. OMG, I am starving now and craving this! I too LOVE grilled cheese. My favorite kind is with fresh mozzarella, avocado and parmesan on the bread. YUM! Thanks for this. :)

  5. SERIOUSLY?? I don't eat sandwiches and this looks AMAZING!! YUM! and that new logo is pretty stickin' cute too! :)

  6. Geez these look great! I wish you lived closer and we could have lunch together. You would make the food of course:)

  7. That is crazy- we are on vacation this week and I have been eating this exact same sandwich (except in the oven, not grilled) I had forgotten how much I loved Muenster!
    I've also been eating a French bread, Muenster, and kalamata olive sandwich- that is yummy too!

  8. I <3 cheese toasties!!(yes I'm a kid at heart or maybe part australian). My favorite way is with swiss and american cheese. bacon, tomato and avocado!

  9. Yummy yummy!!! (btw, I need code for a blog button ;))


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