Sharpie Mugs: A DIY

This has been floating around Pinterest for a while,

Naturally many ideas popped into my head!
But seeing as I lack all free hand abilities I had to find another method, 

I just used the outlines of stickers. 
This gives you SO many options too! 
The directions are super easy, 
Create your masterpiece on you mug, 
Bake at 350 for 30 min. 
let cool. 
Seriously, is there an easier craft out there?

I picked up my mugs at the local Goodwill {only .49 cents! holler!}
I LOVED how these turned out. I have already given some as gifts. 
Although I LOVED how my mugs turned out they are for very light hand washing only. 

Don't even try putting them in the dishwasher, unless you want to reuse the cup for another design. 

This mug wasn't in the dishwasher for too long before I remembered to take it out. 
But I was a little too late. 
I would absolutely recommend this project with a different writing tool. 
But it was a lot of fun. 

Have you guys tried this tutorial? 
Have you tried paint pens instead of sharpies?
Leave your links so I can see your mugs! 

I'm Topsy Turvy


  1. I like this idea, but I haven't tried it myself...just might have to do so after seeing how well your's came out.

  2. OK...these are seriously CUTE! :) I had the same experience with the sharpie wearing off after awhile...I wonder if a paint pen would work better?

  3. So cute! You could even make them into little desk planters for teacher gifts. Using the stickers is genius!

  4. I like this idea a lot. I may just have to try it out.

    <3 Melissa

  5. Love the mugs you made me! Thanks for sharing this tutorial. I will be making these for a gift.

  6. So....I tried to do this a few weeks ago and couldn't figure out why the marker came off. I DIDN'T BAKE THEM, lol. I guess I should have read a tutorial first before I just decided to try to do it on my own! Thanks!

    *hugs & love*
    Ashley Danielle
    Always Ashley Blog


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