Skinny jeans: A DIY

It's Autumn!! And whats better than pumpkin Spice Lattes and Scarves? 
Comfy jeans that tuck nicely into our boots!! 

I have a million pair of flare jeans left over from when they were in style. 
Wait, what am I saying? 
Flare jeans were never in style. 

I just let them sit on my closet shelves, taking up space because I I have a hoarding problem. 
Or maybe I am hoping they will make a comeback. 

In any case I have stumbled upon a great tutorial for transforming those flare jeans into...wait for it... 

Holy Craft

Visit Rachel, at Holy Craft. 
(just click on the banner) 

Here are my {new} jeans!
I love them! 

Excuse the very awkward legs/feet. 
I'm not a model, alright. 

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