All about ruffles

i am absolutely LOVING ruffles right now. 
drapes. wreaths. pillows. blankets. headbands. 
there is something so fun and girly about them. 

my front door is now adorned with this lovely I whipped up a few nights ago. 

For the past two weeks I have been working on drapes for my living room. They really aren't that tedious, i'm just that lazy....

here is a little sneak peek until i get the tutorial put together. 

im thinking of putting together a matching valance for the small window we have in our living room....
but thats for another week

have you worked on any fun ruffle projects lately? 


  1. Seriously. I NEED these ruffled curtains!

  2. That wreath- I DIE! It is so precious! I wish I had a crafty bone in my body to be able to do anything remotely ruffley, but I don't. LOVE those curtains too!

  3. Wow girl. WOW!!! You've been busy! Come to my house and make my curtains?? Would ya?


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