Christmas Ornaments: A DIY

If you would have asked me this weekend if I were ready for Christmas I would have totally laughed at you. 60 degree weather, sunshine, and tshirts.
But today its snowing......
So, yes, I am in the Christmas spirit. And what better way to kick it off than homemade ornaments??

I once scored a box full of old, wooden spools of thread at a yard sale. 
After many sewing projects I was left with a handful of wooden spools.
I have actually been sitting on these for almost a year trying to decide what to make. 
After joining an ornament swap I decided these were perfect.

Run glue along the edges of the top and bottom of the spool. 
I used hot glue. It set faster and doesn't drip. 
Roll the spool in the glitter. 
Be sure that you pour enough glitter on your paper. 
You want the glitter to stick to the spool, not the paper.....

Measure the center of the spool. 
Cut, wrap, and glue the paper. 
Cut and measure your ribbon, for hanging onto the tree, etc. 

I chose to glue little ribbons to my ornaments. 
You can use buttons, beads, or pearls. 

Fill the hole of the spool with hot glue and insert part of your ribbon. 

Hang on your tree or wreath. 
Admire and Enjoy. 


  1. ACK! seriously Aleks?? i am in Love love love! these are so pretty & love the touch of vintage. good work girl... off to buy fabric to make those curtains... but if you want 60 degree weather & tshirts, come on out! :)

  2. So adorable! What a fabulous idea!! I love it!!!!!!!!!

  3. Ahhh. So, I LOVE this idea! :) Might have to "steal" it! They turned out so, so cute!

  4. I love love love how these turned out!

    Great job!


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