Ruffle Stocking: A DIY

Their stockings were hung by the chimney with care.

Well.. we don't have a chimney, but we did hang our stockings. 

This year we are OVER the velvety green and red stockings. 
After a little pinteresting I knew I had to have burlap stockings. 
For my inspiration go HERE
 fabric for ruffles
stocking pattern
sewing machine

I printed out a stocking pattern I found HERE
It prints in four parts. 
Just cut along the lines and tape together
I transferred my pattern onto freezer paper and ironed it onto my burlap to trace to stockings. 
Cut them out and sew around the edges. 
I left raw edges because I love the look.  

I used fabric from a bed sheet I had left over from my tree skirt for ruffles. 
{which will be up in a day or so, so keep an eye out} 
Cut three strips for your ruffles and one thin strip for the bias tap along the top. 
Insert a piece of paper or cardboard into the stocking, You don't want to accidentally glue it shut. 
Run a line of glue, pinch and gather the fabric into ruffles.
Repeat until you reach the end. 
Repeat three times. 
Fold and iron your thin strip into bias tape. 
Glue bias tape along the top ruffle even with the seam of the opening.
Make a loop out of the extra tape and glue to the back to hang. 

Hang on the chimney, mantel, wall, or make your own stocking holders. 

What do your stockings look like this year??



  1. Stop it. Stop doing so many adorable crafts!!!! I think we should plan an Indy area blogger crafy party :)

  2. This is awesome. I'm definitely going to make don a stocking. Also, are you going to do a DIY of your tree skirt?

  3. I want to make our stockings when the kids get alittle older. (all about characters and picking out their own).
    Love your ruffles, thats how I would have mine. :) thanks for sharing. xoxo

  4. These are too fun! A his and hers stockings!

  5. Beyond lovely Aleks. I have been holding out for the perfect stocking and this is IT!! Thank you =D


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