Ruffled Drapes: A DIY-sort of

it all started with this:

i love that our new home has big windows that let in warm, warm sunshine. 

but some days i just want to lay on my couch, in my jammies, and nap. 

my obvious choice was to acquire beautiful, but inexpensive, drapes. 
i only knew two things, 

1) they must be grey
2) they must be interesting 

thus i was lead to pinterest...
it has become my 'google' lately. 

after spending a week deciding between ruffles or color blocking i found this 

those are 100% what i want. 
And 100%  is what i was going to get! 

so, after stalking Sarah M. Dorsey Designs
after reading, re-reading, and then having my husband read her instructions I decided it was going to happen. 

me and those drapes. 

we were meant to be. 

Did i mention these are made from BED SHEETS.

For a complete and easy tutorial go to Sarah's post here
She will tell you all you need to know. 

I {practically} followed her tute. Instead of splitting a full sheet for the panels i used one twin sheet per each side. My ruffles were cut from 3 full size sheets. Instead of stitch witchery i sewed my ruffles on. 
I really only did that because I most certain i am not ready to learn about stitch witchery yet. Not to mention I didnt want to read all the instructions that came with it...

what do you think?
100% is what i got!? 
thank you so much Sara for sharing your brilliant tutorial! 


  1. Aleks- These are AWESOME!!! Two of my favorite things, grey and ruffles. And I'm loving the S you added for decor.

  2. I need white ones in my bedroom, stat! Those are awesome Aleks! How long did they take??

  3. You make it look so easy...I am so very afraid to be crafty. ;-)

  4. sold! adding these to my bedroom - now, if you can just fly out here & help me! the first time around something always takes longer {therefore: you're a pro!}. off to check out Sarah's tute!

  5. LOVE THIS! I keep wanting to make myself some curtains, and then I remember we have terrible townhouse blinds and can't figure out how to make that work...

  6. Your drapes look great!!! I've never tried stitch witchery either... it IS scary!

  7. seriously? these are SO great! Makes me want to make some for my windows in the living room! :) p.s. stitch witchery is AWESOME and easy...basically all you need is an iron!


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