Cara Box!

Last month, (november), I was snooping around a friends blog and noticed that she participated in a Cara Box exchange. So I absolutely wanted in. Kaitlyn, from Wifefessionals, hosts this swap every month as a way to lift up other women and get to know knew people. You also get to shop. :) 

I sent a box to an amazing God loving woman, Ashley! She has a huge heart! She finally got her box and already posted about it... 

My box came for the super sweet Tessa over at Fun Size Tessa.  We exchanged emails and scoped out each others blogs for a few days, It turns out we have a TON in common!! 
We both got married in July of 2012! only 3 days apart actually!! 
Tessa totally hit a home run with my box. I actually didnt get it until AFTER the holidays because we have been out of town for the last ten days. So when we got home I was thrilled to see my package in the mailbox! 

Tessa sent me the sweetest note, 

a delicious assortment of hot cocoa


and baking supplies, because everyone knows i LOVE to bake!

I am so excited to continue to get to know Tessa and Ashley and join the Cara Box exchange for January! 

Tomorrow is the last day to sign up for January! 

Cara Box

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  1. So glad you got a box full of love too! I'm so excited for the Janurary exchange matches to be made :-)



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