5 things: Did you know....

5 random facts 

Yesterday Chrissy, from The Pearl Blog, shared 5 random facts about herself with us. 
She inspired me to share 5 things with you guys!

1. I know every. single. word. to Grease... First and Second movie. 

2. My husband and I recently learned this week that we have been using the same shower lufa.... one is orange one is blue. His reason is that orange is a manly color thus he thought it was his.... blue is a unisex color so he assumed it was mine. Gross I know, but at least it wasn't my toothbrush. 

3. I prefer ketchup with my pizza. And if I get a choice I prefer the pizza to have no sauce. 

4. I sleep with a fan every night. If I'm sleeping elsewhere I have a white noise ap on my phone. 

5. My grandparents and my husbands grandparents have a 20 year age difference. My husband is only 1 year and 5 months older than me. 

What about you? What are five things we don't know? I'd love to hear them!! 


  1. first i love your blog layout! looks great!
    okay.. reactions to your 5:
    1. ME TOO
    2. yuck and double yuck :)
    3. triple YUCK!
    4. we use a fan but i can sleep without it!
    5. same here.. weird huh!

  2. Killing me with the loufa!!!!

    1.I don't eat tomatoes, but will eat any biproduct of them.
    2.My husband and 10.5 yrs older than me.
    3.I will admit to sharing my toothbrush with my husband, but only because he used it before he told me!
    4.I'm ready for a baby, anytime now...
    5.I have NO desire to go back to school.

  3. I love these! I love getting to know other bloggers.


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