Fabric Clothesline Frame: A DIY

After the wedding we had a few random picture frames left over from the decor. 

Naturally I stuck them in a box and forgot all about them. 

"out of sight, out of mind."

While decorating and putting together the craft room office I found them again. 
Honestly I almost decided to put them in the goodwill pile. 
I know, what is wrong with me???

But my diy self kicked in and I realized all the potential these had. 

The fabric, twine, and the frame are all left over from my wedding.
Goodwill has millions of amazing frames for nothing, and since we are covering the frame in fabric it doesn't matter what the color. 

You will want to remove the back, the glass and anything else that comes with the frame. 
We only want the frame itself. 

Cut your fabric into strips. 
I cut mine 1 inch by 12 inches. 

Add a little glue to the start of the first strip. 
Wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, wrap, 
Keep wrapping your fabric until the whole frame is covered. 
Glue the end to the back. 

Measure and mark where you want your twine to go. 
I put mine an inch apart. 
Hot glue the twine and let it set for a few min to dry. 

Hang, add photos, admire. 

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