Homestyle Mac & Cheese: A Recipe

"Boil 'em, Mash "em, Stick 'em in a stew, POH-TAH-TOES!." 

That is how I feel about cheese. 
I love the stuff. Fried. Melted. Squeezed from a can. In a stick form, flat and square, shredded to oblivion. I Love it. 

But I REALLY love it mixed in with my other favorite comfort food. Pasta. Again, any form. 

Mac & Cheese has always been a huge hit in my life. 

*Note to future children: you will LOVE cheese, especially with mac.*

We eat Mac & Cheese probably way more than we should. {absolutely way more than we should} 
But its homemade.... so it can't be THAT bad....right....right??

* 1/2 lbs elbow mac
* Handful shredded cheddar
* Handful shredded mozzarella
* Half a cup Velveeta ( 8 bite size cubes) 
* 2 spoonfuls butter
 * Half cup cream

Boil your pasta al dente. 
Drain pasta and add back to pan. 
Add all ingredients to pasta. 
Give your pasta one big stir to get the cream mixed around. 
Lower the heat and cover for 5 min, this will let the cheeses get to know each other. 
Trust me, you want that. 
Uncover, stir the deliciousness. 
Add sea salt and cracked pepper.
Top with a little extra shredded cheese. 


p.s. You can freeze the left overs and pop them in the oven when you want to have them again. 

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  1. I was just going to email you about sharing this recipe. Thanks!xo


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