Pinterest Fail: A recipe

Today's post was going to be a super delicious recipe to woo your main man.
Turns out the recipe is not as 'woo-ing' as I had expected. 

Have you ever found a pin (for those living under rocks, I am talking about Pinterest), that you just knew you had to make? 

I am all about food, cooking it, eating it, baking it, eating it, sharing it , eating it some more. And if its pasta or bread you best believe it is being served at my house. Its no secret really, just look at my monthly grocery bill. 

Back to the point, I found this gem:

Lemon Basil Pasta.
That's what they call this. 
Looks like deliciousness to me. 

A little lemon, a little basil, a little pasta, a whole lotta cheese. 

I could eat that by the truck load. 

Well, apparently it wasn't as easy as I thought. 
And it was NOT as delicious as I thought. 
It was sour, like lemonade pasta. 
I followed that recipe word by word. But my cheese ended up gritty, the pasta was sour, and the cream pooled in the bottom of the bowl. 

I can't believe I am even sharing with you a photo of what it looked like. 

I usually pride myself on making delicious meals but last night.. well, I wont tell you which fast food joint we ended up at.....

But I sure would like to thank my Hubs for at least trying a few bites before telling 'at least the chicken is delicious'. 
Poor guy. 

Have you tried this recipe? Have you tried a pinterest recipe and bombed it? 

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  1. Ha Im glad Im not the only one who has pinterst cooking fails! I tried making healthy banana/apple sauce cookies the other night, so bad!


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