Thankful Thursday

I find myself watching other families and yearning for that togetherness feeling. I see my Husband run off to work because he is  late, again, and I yearn for the 'needed' feeling. I see my sisters, young and impressionable, and I yearn to be care free. I forget too often to think of the things I am thankful for. I don't need what other people have. God has a plan for me. I just need to realize it. I have been reading a lot of posts here in blogland lately about negative parts of life. Those have inspired me to change it up around here. I am so thankful so for so many things.

I am thankful for a reliable car. If you ask anyone who knew us the last couple of years you would know how very, very thankful we are. 

I am thankful for clean water. Just recently my husband and I made the decision to stop buying bottled water and buy a water filter for the tap. Every time I fill my nalgene I am reminded of so many who are without the simplest, basic need. ( In the following months I will be introducing a charity my hubs and I have been working on )

I am thankful for tender kisses that reaffirm my husbands everlasting love. 

I am thankful for soap. Especially since our loofa mix up.....  

I am so very thankful for healthcare professionals, especially my dentist. 

I am thankful for heat in my home, warm blankets, and shelter from these freezing temperatures. 

I live a pretty simple life. My husband and I are entertained for hours just putting together a puzzle or checking out books from the library. I am thankful God has given me such an amazing man to share my journey with.

Have you stopped to smell your roses lately? What are you thankful for? 


  1. Aleks, I love your heart! I have to remind myself to stop and remember the little things. Thats one reason I made a smash journal this year.

  2. love this sweet girl, esp about the water. miss you!


Praise be to the name of God for ever and ever; wisdom and power are his.