Thankful Thursday 4.25.13

Good morning!!

It seems like every morning, lately, is filled with terrible news or another explosion somewhere. It breaks my heart. 

This Thursday I am thankful for:

*Firefighters, Policemen, Rescue workers.  I am so thankful we have such brave and courageous men and women risking their own lives and safety just to help someone else. 

*Clean water. I know when there are natural disasters bottled water is very high on the list of things needed. I am so grateful we live in a country where clean water is almost ALWAYS available. 

* Government. Whether or not I agree with the policies or who is in charge. I am free to speak my mind, believe in any religion, live without a covering, and feel safe. I am so thankful to wake up to peace every morning, and not streets full or riots or car bombs.  

*Media. Most of the time the news is filled with garbage. Seriously. But lately I have been so thankful for the news coverage on the Boston Bombers. Because of the media we were able to pass around photos and find the suspects. 

*I am so grateful for my body and my health. Every morning I wake up and climb right out of bed. I don't hesitate as to whether or not my legs will fail me. 

*Shoes. I don't mean stilettos and sandals. Sneakers. I don't have to worry about infections from walking around barefoot. I don't have to worry about frostbite or burns. I am so thankful I have been blessed to live in a country where shoes are not a rare item. 

What are you thankful for? 

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  1. What a wonderful list. I love your blog - thanks so much for stopping by mine! So glad our paths crossed!


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